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The UWI Mona Guild Council is an organization of elected student leaders from the UWI Mona that avail themselves to serving their fellow students by advocating on their behalf and aiding in their development and experience while at The UWI.



Danielle Mullings display image
Danielle Mullings
Nile Anderson  display image
Nile Anderson
Vice President Services and Special Projects
Keifa Desnoes display image
Keifa Desnoes
Vice President Properties and Special Initiatives
Allesha West display image
Allesha West
Kymani Shaw  display image
Kymani Shaw
Jevaughn Gordon display image
Jevaughn Gordon
Public Relations Officer
Britney Gray display image
Britney Gray
External Affairs Chairperson
Jhevonte Webster display image
Jhevonte Webster
Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Chairperson
Rujay G.E. Blackwood display image
Rujay G.E. Blackwood
Games Committee Chairperson
Ashleigh C. Onfroy display image
Ashleigh C. Onfroy
Daniel Watkis display image
Daniel Watkis
Publications Committee Chairperson
Shanna-Kay Brown display image
Shanna-Kay Brown
Western Jamaica Campus Chairperson
Kijana Johnson display image
Kijana Johnson
Post Graduate Representative

Hallchair Cohort

Jeffrey Thomas display image
Jeffrey Thomas
Irvine Hall Chairperson
Javian Anderson display image
Javian Anderson
Irvine Hall Deputy Chairperson
Mickoy Nembhard display image
Mickoy Nembhard
Taylor Hall Chairperson
Diamonique Francis display image
Diamonique Francis
Taylor Hall Deputy Chairperson
Alex A. White display image
Alex A. White
Chancellor Hall Chairman
Philmark Miller display image
Philmark Miller
Chancellor Hall Deputy Chairperson
Briana Edwards display image
Briana Edwards
Mary Seacole Hall Chairwoman
Jenieve Richards display image
Jenieve Richards
Mary Seacole Hall Deputy Chairperson
Janieve Watson display image
Janieve Watson
Aston Preston Hall Chairperson
Chrisanjay Codner display image
Chrisanjay Codner
Aston Preston Hall Deputy Chairperson
Denvor B. Pinnock display image
Denvor B. Pinnock
Rex Nettleford Hall Chairperson
Lakeisha Locke display image
Lakeisha Locke
Rex Nettleford Hall Deputy Chairperson
D’Andra Williams display image
D’Andra Williams
ABC Hall Chairperson
Danae Hyatt display image
Danae Hyatt
ABC Hall Deputy Chairperson
Phillip Porter display image
Phillip Porter
Elsa Leo-Rhynie Towers Hall Chairperson
William Mullings display image
William Mullings
Elsa Leo-Rhynie Towers Hall Deputy Chairperson
Shajunee Gumbs display image
Shajunee Gumbs
Leslie Robinson Hall Chairperson
Donna Phillip display image
Donna Phillip
Leslie Robinson Hall Deputy Chairperson
Raeann Bernard display image
Raeann Bernard
George Alleyne Hall Chairperson
Rhoda Essien  display image
Rhoda Essien
George Alleyne Hall Deputy Chairperson
Samantha Williams display image
Samantha Williams
Western Jamaica Campus Hall Chairperson

Representative Cohort

Tyreke McLean display image
Tyreke McLean
Faculty of Science & Technology Representative
Xaria Strachan display image
Xaria Strachan
Faculty of Medical Sciences Representative
Omolora Wilson display image
Omolora Wilson
Faculty of Social Sciences Representative
Fabian Dreckett display image
Fabian Dreckett
Faculty of Humanities and Education Representative
Tamoy Campbell display image
Tamoy Campbell
Faculty of Law Representative
Shamar McGrowder display image
Shamar McGrowder
Commuting Students Representative
Alwain Bisasor display image
Alwain Bisasor
Faculty of Engineering Representative
Milissa Fletcher display image
Milissa Fletcher
Faculty of Sport Representative
Kenroy Wilson display image
Kenroy Wilson
United Theological College Representative
Adrina Ebanks display image
Adrina Ebanks
Institute of Gender and Development Studies Representative


Jamaiq Charles display image
Jamaiq Charles
Legal Consultant

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