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Though less than the 5,000+ voters from last year, this election still stood out for having one of the highest voter turnouts in recent years. With little over 4,300 votes cast in the presidential election, this election period marked the transition into a new era. History was made, as for the first time ever, students were able to vote for their preferred candidate through the Student Administrative System's (SAS) online portal. The Guild Elections also had a new Returning Officer (RO) this year as we saw Mr Bertram Anderson take over from Mr Athol Hamilton who served as RO for the past few years. 

After three (3) days of voting, results were read live via Youtube on Saturday April 3, 2021 at approximately 6pm by Mr Roger Bent. the campaigning period was shorter than students were use to, and the candidates gave it their all, but in the end, not all could come out victorious. The most anticipated races this year were the President's race, CEAC race and the heavily contested VP SSP race, which was contested between 3 current councilors and a past councilor. The Hall Chairperson & Deputy Chairperson races by Irvine Hall were also highly anticipated. the CEAC race saw Jhe'Vonte Webster come out on top, while the VP SSP saw Nile Anderson poulling through. The big one, the President's race saw Danielle Mullings becoming the first commuters to win Guild President in recent history. closely contested races included the race for Commuters Representative where Shamar McGrowder won by just 6 votes, and the Facult of Sport Representative where Milissa Fletcher won by 2 votes.  

Emotions were high, and we must say congratulations to all successful candidates and well tried to those who were unsuccessful. 

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