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Full-time students can officially apply for the 2022 Summer Work and Travel Programmes, and the University Of The West Indies (Mona) Guild committee does not want students to miss out! A grant has been established with the help of the sponsors; Jamaica Association of Employment and Cultural Exchange Limited, HR Elite, and SWAT, to assist one registered full-time student with the full payment of next summer's work and travel programme fees.


With Covid-19 changing the campus dynamic and how students connect, students will have the opportunity to meet, engage, and interact with new people from all backgrounds, as well as learn about their customs, cultures, and everyday lives in another country. The programme's goal is to improve cultural understanding via everyday interactions with people from all over the world, both inside and outside of the workplace. Students also have the chance to learn about the diverse cultures and attractions that the United States has to offer. The program has also proven to be very helpful in terms of giving financial aid for tuition.


Students are paid hourly, with overtime, early arrival, and performance bonuses available. This allows students to sustain themselves financially and bring some of their earnings home, as well as provide a wealth of networking opportunities. Visa assistance is a service that is commonly included in Summer Work and Travel programmes.


The Summer Work and Travel programme allows students to live, work in, and explore the United States during their summer vacation from university, with housing provided by the employers at affordable rental costs. Although this chance is exciting and fulfilling, it does come with a high registration fee that some people cannot afford. This grant relieves the stress of having to acquire the funds because it pays the programme's fees.


Experience a new culture and broaden the scope of personalities and lifestyles you’ve interacted with in the past to better assimilate easier into future spaces that might have a similar culture. Apply for this grant!


Applications open November 1 and close on the 12th.


The presidential grant is a big opportunity! The Guild extends immense gratitude to the sponsors Jamaica Association of Employment and Cultural Exchange Limited. , HR ELITE and SWAT for seeing a need to assist students on their journey to personal development and financial freedom in university!


Writer: Abigail Wint

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